Miniatures Painting and Modelling

This page is a collection of useful stuff relating to my hobbies of modelling, sculpting and painting. I've always enjoyed miniatures, but really only got into the hobby around 2004. I haven't really built or painted anything in the past 3 years, but I am picking it back up with my Settlers of Catan project. Previously I did a lot of minis for my Warhammer 40K Ork army, and Battlefleet Gothic Ork fleet, but at other times in the past I have painted up various fantasy minis.

Warhammer 40K and Battlefleet Gothic

Blackstone Outpost
A BFG site with spiffy downloads and other info
Banners and Badges from Hangar 8
There are lots of lovely banners for download on this site. Even orky ones.
The Waaagh Forums
This is THE forum for Ork players. The number of talented people on this forum is absolutely frightening. The Mek's Garage is home to a number of projects that eventually ended up in issues of the White Dwarf.
The Tactical Command Forums
Forums for BFG and Epic.
Scarpia's 40K stuff
Scarps is one of the denizens of the Waaagh. He does some amazing stuff.
Mike's Blog
Mike is another Waaagh member. This guy has great imagination and some serious building skills.
Warboss GargDregga's stuff
GargDregga, aka Darkfather, has some very cool stuff. And it's a family affair to boot.
Irondog Studios
Irondog does some very creative stuff and his painting skills are top-notch.
Big Shoota
Sukigod of the Waaagh's stuff. Serious painting skills.
The Waaagh's Gallery
Has links to some of the Waaagh's member pages, such as: Nightserpent and Gorfrag.
Orky Glyphs
Ork Glyphs and their meanings compiled by Gaf-naz of The Waaagh
Kr00zA's Gargant Size Chart and the Ueber-Mega-Version

Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Painting Fire
Modeling Flames
Painting: Terminator Stone Templar Scheme
Useful youtube video on basic troop painting techniques.
Weathered Metal
Particularly rusty looking scythe blade from a dude on coolminiornot.
Color Modulation by Adam Wilder
shading for vehicles.
Painting Figures with Model Color by Mario Fuentes
Words of wisdom from the experts at Vallejo.
Works on coolminiornot by Shawn R. L.
This guy has some amazing pieces and his stuff is great reference for OSL.
The Waaagh - Tibald's Cracked Earth Tutorial
Making Barbed Wire Dipping
How-to dip miniatures for quick decent results on a large army.
Concept Art Forums: Smellybugs Maquette Tutorial
This is a wonderful tutorial on working with Sculpey and sculpting in general.
The Complete Future
This is the whole story on Future Floor Finish and its uses in modelling.
Resin Casting Tutorial at Ultrawerke
Good step-by-step guide to resin casting a simple model (tank hull).
Beginner's Guide to Putty
Article I wrote for The Waaagh Modeling FAQ.

General Hobby Info

Game Recording Tool
Interesting. Haven't given it a go yet.
Scratchbuilt Star Wars Star Destroyer
Four foot long scratchbuilt Star Destroyer and other projects
Brilliant article of one man's journey to a Golden Demon Award.
Cool Mini or Not
Pictures of all sorts of miniatures from the sublime to the ridiculous
Awesome modelling from a guy with a funny name.
The Shiflett Brothers
Some lovely super-hero sculpts
Villafane Studios
More super-hero sculpts, plus check out his pumpkins!.
Some insanely beautiful minis for inspiration.
Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Inc.
Nice commercial site with useful mold-making info.
Sculpting Tutorial
Interesting tutorial by a dude name of Jason Miller. Good basic tips. Sound advice.
Good reference site. It's for anime, but what the heck, it's still good and useful stuff.
Animator vs Animation
Not modelling but cool anyway.