Why I make a living

I work to live, not the other way 'round. So here's where the important stuff is.

I was scanning in all my family photos. If you've ever tried this you know what a major ordeal it is. My scanner died and that killed the project for a while. I have a scanner now, but have not gotten back to finishing up. Heck, I'm lucky if I just get current photos out here in a timely fashion.

Some of my photo albums are devoted to travel photos from an era when I was younger and it was easier to tote the kids around (hey, two-year-olds seldom complain about having to go museum-crawling). In scanning the pictures and building the web pages I am treated to some wonderful reminiscences and so inflict them on you. It all amounts to a travelogue of the warm, fuzzy-memory sort.

Random pictures end up on the family photo page, but here are picture sets from specific events:

This is the apartment I lived in from 2004 to 2010. I took these pictures for insurance purposes and now they are just a permanent part of my web site.

I have have lots of time but not so much money, so I do stuff like this light table project. It also feeds the need to be geek. I built it 2005-ish to finish my protraits of the kids. I have a plain top for it and use it as a temporary desk or project table as need arises. Lately it has become less temporary because I can't afford a real desk. This thing is still strong after all these years and moves and use and abuse.

And here's a video of the Norasia Picnic many years ago when I crashed my bike and hamburgered a good portion of my body. Just because who doesn't love an embarassing video.

And this too. The infamous playdough giraffe incident.

And the recipes I love most.

Oh, and Squig Hoppers, a silly little miniatures game that I picked up from somewhere on the web and tweaked a bit. It was (still is) a hit on family game nights.

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