This page is devoted to The Middle Earth Collectible Card Game by Iron Crown Enterprises. Although I.C.E. is now defunct and this is technically a "dead" game, it still has an avid following. It is strange to me that collectible card games become dead when cards stop being published for them. Coming from the board-gaming world my definition of dead is when noone is interested in playing the game any longer. So in the interest of keeping this dead game alive a bit longer I present utilities for organizing and playing and links to other sites with invaluable information relating to this paradoxical CCG.

Local Stuff

I got the dubious honor of running the Worlds 07 web site!

These utilities are my own home-grown solution for getting ideas for decks and putting them down "on paper". They may not be very well-polished, but they are useful nonetheless. Any feedback is welcome at I especially want to know about typos in card texts or values.

Card Database - this utility allows you to search for cards by type, rarity, name, text, etc. There are hundreds of ways to slice and dice the full set of MECCG cards. Want to know all the hazards that pertain to Undead or all the resources that reference Aragorn? This makes it easy. All the card texts have been updated to CRF 15 errata.

Deck Builder - display and modify decks. You need to have a user id and password for this one, and I'm reserving that privilege for those who know me or have traded cards with me before. However, you can log in as user guest, with the password guest, to see what it looks like. This utility is somewhat less polished than the database but it does work. It links to the database so that you can search up cards, e.g. all the Ranger Men and Elves, and selectively add them to a deck. The guest user can't actually create new decks or modify them, but they have access to the set of public decks stored on my server (most of which are pilfered from elsewhere, e.g. the Challenge Decks and NetMECCG sample decks). Email me if you like this thing.

Lidless Eye Rules - this is just what it says. Some time ago I went looking for the L.E. rulesbook on-line and came up empty. So I scanned and converted that annoying little book. Now there are several copies available on the Net, but IMHO mine is the best formatted. :-)

Fixed Pack Listings from The Wizards & Lidless Eye - nice neat listings of just what you get in each one of those fixed packs.

Region Movement Maps Hero and Minion. These are my own particular favorites.

Play and Examples from Joe Bisz. This is an extremely useful supplement to the regular rules and the CRF. It clarifies many of the commonly argued points of playing MECCG.

Goodies from around the world - used to be the center of all things MECCG on the net. Forums, Chris' trade site moved here, Council of Elrond was there, etc., etc.

Generic CCG Server - this is quite an impressive piece of software. It plays several different CCGs, the most notable of which is MECCG.

NetMECCG - NetMECCG has been the only networked MECCG interface until recently. It includes a deck builder and lots of good stuff. This is the homepage for NetMECCG by the author, Mike Collins.

The Council of Elrond - The worldwide organizing body of tournament-level MECCG since ICE dropped out of the picture.  It's a good site for information an official matters of the game.

The Council of Lórien - The sanctioning organization for North America.  Look here for official rules, rankings, sanctioned events and player listings for all of North America.

The Council of the Isles of the Dead that Live - The webpage of the Dutch Council.  This is probably the best and most comprehensive site for information on MECCG on the internet.  This site has rules, spoliers, official rulings, and a ton of other stuff.

The Lair of the Morgul Rats - Another great information site for MECCG.  This one is a particularly good repository of MECCG scenarios and strategy.

Chris Cable's Site - This was the site for trading MECCG cards. It looks like it was last updated in 2008. But there are links to lots of useful information.

Potomac Distribution - A good place to buy some boxes of what's left of the MECCG stock at fairly low prices.

Patrick Karcher's Website - Patrick runs a pretty extensive sale site, with some pretty rare stuff, including boxes of ME: The Lidless Eye starters and Middle Earth art by Audrey Corman.

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